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The Well at Lewisburg logoMission:

To reach and transform Lewisburg, MS, and beyond, into Kingdom-minded, multiplying disciples of Christ.


The vision is twofold: To create a missional church in Lewisburg, and be a multiplying congregation.

  • To build a café/coffee shop church in Lewisburg for the purpose of creating community, or a “third place” (first place being home, second place being work, third place being where you spend your time in community with others).  As there is no business in Lewisburg, nor a place to congregate, we believe that this will provide a safe and desired environment for building the community and relationships necessary for reaching people for Christ. We will use this “platform” to submerge ourselves into the community (missional church), build small groups, offer a weekly worship, and develop a congregation that will serve the Lewisburg community by being the body of Christ. As a missional church, we will offer fair trade and Honduran coffee, explore creative ways for the café/coffee shop customers to have a Kingdom impact (such as 10% of all profits go into Lewisburg schools, bringing in items for the Memphis homeless, portions of certain menu items being donated to Stop Hunger now, etc.), and sell food grown by the local farmers.
  • We will become a multiplying church that will develop leaders from within the congregation, as well as train other church planters from the MS UMC, to use our model and adjust it to the cultural context of the location in which they are called to plant.  We would support these new church plants with funds and resources. We want to plant a new church every 2 years after establishment of The Well.

Our Name:

In the Middle East, the well was where community took place.  That’s where everyone spent their social time. In Lewisburg, MS, the well is where the farmers draw their water.  We felt that this was a beautiful representation of both cultures by calling it The Well. By specifying the town name, we are also constantly reminded of the vision of multiplying as a congregation, where the new churches can be named The Well @ ____________ .

Our Core Values:

Our core values, though found all throughout Scripture, can be best represented clearly and concisely in chapter four of the New Testament book of Acts.  We believe that these five core values, when in conjunction with one another, form a healthy “Third Space” Christian community.

1. Centered on the Gospel Together

We believe that in all things we do, both as individuals and as a community, we should be centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We believe that this is the greatest story we should know and live by.  Acts 4:7-13; 1 John 3:16

2. Reaching Out Together

We are not just commanded to reach others in the name of Jesus, we desire to!  We want everyone to be able to say yes to Jesus and know that they are loved, can experience a purposeful, abundant life, and be a part of the greatest family on earth! This is where the second greatest story is important: YOUR story of how Jesus changed you. Acts 4:18-21; Matthew 28:19

3. Worshiping Together

When lives are changed, we cannot help but come together to worship the God who has made us into a new creation.  However, we realize that we do not “go” to church, but rather we are the church, and therefore must live a bold, lifestyle of worship every day. Acts 4:23-31;  Hebrews 10:24-25

4. Sharing Life Together

We believe that “iron sharpens iron” as we share life together each and every day. Through small groups (Community Wells), community events, church activities, and more, we want to help people find purpose and meaning in their faith and lives as they grow to be more and more like Jesus. Acts 4:32-35; Proverbs 27:17

5. Sending Out Together

We believe that we are the hands and feet of Jesus, created to serve others and do good works. We are also called to send out and start new communities and not merely be self-serving. Acts 4:36-37; Ephesians 2:8-10