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The Well - Biggest-Loser-Challenge
October 2, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Biggest Loser

2018 Biggest Loser Fitness Challenge at The Well

The time has come to focus on our physical health as a community. The challenge will begin officially on September 3rd and will run through December 3rd, 2018.

The Rules:

Participants may compete as individuals or as part of a 2, 3 or 4-person team.  All individuals must list their stating weight on September 3rd and likewise all team members must also list their starting weights. Participants will need to weigh in and record their results every other Monday until the end of the challenge. Scores will be determined by the percentage of weight lost during the challenge period, (weight at the end of the challenge subtracted from starting weight multiplied by 100. This figure divided by your starting weight equals your percentage.) Highest percentage in the individual and team totals plus any earned fitness bonus points (see below) will determine the winners.


Individuals and team members may also get bonus points by participating in any or all of the following fitness tests:

Push up test: total number of pushups performed in 2 minutes. Once the 2 minutes has started, you must remain in the pushup position, no resting by touching the ground with any part of your body except the hands and feet. If you can please take a cell phone video of the 1stand final attempt. If you are unable to perform pushups with your knees straight, you can perform them with your knees touching the ground. Once the 2 minutes have started, you must remain in the same position until the end of the 2 minutes. Only the knees and the palms may touch the ground during the 2-minute test period.

The individual with the greatest increase will earn 5 bonus points toward their total score. The team with the greatest overall increase will earn 5 bonus points per member to the total team score.

 1-mile run/walk:

Record the time it takes you to run or walk one mile. At the end the end of the challenge the individual who has decreased the time taken to complete the one mile the most will receive 5 bonus points to their total score. The team whose members show the greatest overall decrease   will receive 5 bonus points per member.

Resources: Let’s make this a community activity as much as possible. Do you have a favorite healthy recipe? Share it and will post on the Church website. Have you tried a diet plan that has worked for you in the past? Please share it. In addition I will be conducting a strength and conditioning class a the Well every Saturday at 10:00 am . The class will involve kettlebell and bodyweight exercises with maybe a few other fun toys and some tortuous human experiments as well (just kidding?).

Questions, concerns? Feel free to reach out to me by email at

Thanks and best of luck to all participants

Tom Strong