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What to Expect:

We are just real people, worshiping a real God, so please, come as you are!  There are times when I preach in shorts, tshirt and Chacos. Sometimes it is jeans, a button down shirt, and “big boy” shoes. We are declaring this summer as the “Summer of Shorts!” In other words, we are super laid back and want you to come as you are!

We are a modern worship style with a small coffee house style band.  We do not have all of the lights and smoke machines, but you may see some hand raising, and hear a little “talkback” from our folks.  We teach in series so that we can dig deep into God’s Word, and learn how to apply and live our faith out loud.

We are one big community!  Know that we work hard at living life together and want others to be able to experience that. Don’t be surprised when you are welcomed with open arms as if you have always been part of the family!  

We are also knee-deep in the community, and want you to join with us.  We are not much of a “come here” church, but rather a church who is missional and wants to be “out there” serving as much as possible.  You are welcome to come and watch for a short time, but soon enough, we will have you up and participating!